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Expert FAQ

How to join as an expert video explainer.

How to post project video explainer.

What is is the leading platform connecting businesses and experts. Our platform enables professionals to proactively pursue interesting and sophisticated work with new clients around the world, while allowing businesses to access the right expertise in real time.

Our core mission has always been to connect great talent to opportunity. were founded in 2016, our initial focus is to connect current MBA students and recent graduates of top Indonesian business schools with small and medium sized businesses.
How do I become an expert on

1. Sign up and create your profile
2. Browse and bid for projects posted by clients. If interested, clients will connect with you directly to find out more information and discuss the terms of the project work.
3. Alternatively, clients may invite you directly to understand your interest, suitability and availability.
4. Agree your Service Contract and invoice directly with clients
5. As part of our Terms of Service, you need to provide with a Service Contract. charges clients a Pay Per Project fee of 10-20% on top of your agreed rate.
6. Clients will give you reviews and ratings, boosting your credibility and building your brand.
What kind of projects and clients are on

Project listings from our clients cover various durations, project types, and industries, including healthcare, technology, finance, media, retail, consumer products, and industrials (just to name a few!).
Is there a minimum or maximum level of commitment required to be on the platform?

No – It is free to sign up and experts on's platform can browse and bid on as many projects as they would like.
How does the bidding process work?

1. Clients post projects on, detailing their project needs, desired Expert qualifications, and estimated timeline and budget for services
2. Experts browse for active project postings and bid on projects they are interested in and well-suited to execute
3. Clients review bids received and select an Expert to hire for the project
Will I be notified if I am (or am not) selected for a project I’ve bid on?

Yes – when a client decides to move forward with an expert, we notify all users who have placed a bid on the project.
What is the typical project budget?

Clients post a project with an anticipated budget range for a given project, but experts determine the amount they require to complete the project work. Final project amounts are negotiated between the client and selected expert. Rates vary greatly based on the selected expert’s skillset and experience.
How does the payment process work?

We are committed to timely and secure payments for experts on our platform. pays experts once the project is marked complete and the client has confirmed satisfaction with the work product. Once both the client and expert confirm that the project is complete, payment is transferred to the expert’s Indonesian bank account within 5 business days.
How does feedback between clients and experts work?

After a project is marked complete by the client and expert, both users will be prompted to provide feedback and rate the other user’s performance. Ratings that experts and clients receive will appear on their profile and be visible to other users.
What happens if there is disagreement between the client and expert over whether a project is complete?

To avoid potential instances of disagreement, it is crucial that the client and selected expert agree to a clear set of deliverables and timeline for the project to be completed. Establishing milestones at the beginning of a project has proven to be very helpful in aligning expectations and safeguarding against potential scope creep. However, we understand disputes may arise, and has a team ready to resolve all conflicts in a fair and timely manner.
How do I delete my account?

You can request to have your account permanently deleted by contacting us at